Kind Words From Our Supporters
``Thank you for providing such great opportunities for the kids. The community outreach is such a rewarding experience for the kids. I recommended your class to a lot of my friends. Some of them already enrolled and everyone loved it. I think it has a lot to do with your patience and inspiration, careful grouping, choice of interesting pieces and philosophy that is different from the other youth orchestras which is a really nice alternative. Thank you forkeeping Emily's love of music alive.``
Melanie Lin Parent
``Ayhan and I are grateful for the chamber music experience you provided to Arin and all the other kids in the group this year. Everything was impressively well coordinated.
I need to let you know that Arin, for the first time, asked us if he can join more chamber music in your group through out the year. He found his own pulse to enjoy the music and play it well. I saw him several times while practicing at home. I see the difference. Thank you for connecting Arin and all the other kids to music!``
Emel Ergul Parent
``Playing chamber music has allowed my son to really understand and practice the complexity of skills required to work with others such as cooperation, compromise, sensitivity, and patience, as well as experience the exhilaration of effective communication culminating in a great performance. Thank you for mentoring them through the years...I know that Lev feels valued and able to express himself in the group.``
Hilary Kessler Parent
``I wanted to extend a special thanks from myself, our residents and fellow team members for the wonderful music you brought to us yesterday. Your music was such a wonderful gift and was truly appreciated by all. Not just the audience who sat before you but those who were up in the balcony and around the corners who weren't visible to you. We look forward to your return in 2015. Happy Holidays to all of you and your family members and thanks again for the wonderful gift.``
Mary Morgan Sunrise Assisted Living
``Thank you so much for organizing the performance of the Lexington Chamber Music group for the women of Rosie's Place. Through such performances, each woman finds immense joy, pleasure and inspiration. Your kindness has touched the lives of the women who look to us for support. Here at Rosie's Place we strive to meet the necessities in life that may be difficult for our guests to attain. Services such as taking a shower, doing laundry, receiving clean clothes and eating a hot meal are all a vital part of everyday needs. With your assistance, we are able to help our guests meet their needs with love and support. On behalf of all of us at Rosie's Place, thank you for remembering the work we do and the women we serve. It is heartwarming to know that we have your support. We look forward to working with you in the future.``
Alev Danis Rosie’s Place
``Many thanks and BRAVO to all of you. I heard a lot of praise about the performance. It means a lot to our seniors to hear music. Many are unable to participate in many of the activities offered or are simply not up to it. So to sit, relax and simply enjoy quality music by people who care about their craft is wonderful. Thanks to all who gave their time. You are all welcome back anytime you wish to come.``
John Gillette Sunrise of Burlington


LCMC is proud to play a formative role in the lives of young musicians. At LCMC, we recognize the strong link between music and academics. Alumni have gone on to attend some of the top universities in the world, including the following: